Can FatStax show and loop videos?

FatStax can show videos that have been downloaded to the iPad. FatStax does not currently have the ability to loop videos for continuous viewing.  

We have had good success with a free app named LoopVideo for our shows. The link is here. It is very simple to use and seems to be pretty reliable (we only have our own experience to go on). The app will play videos that are in the iPads Photo App or you can connect the iPad to iTunes and drag the video file to the LoopVideo app through that connection. 

If the video is not too large, we would recommend attaching the video file (not a link) to an email and sending it to email address on that iPad. Open the email on the iPad and download the file. Once you download the file, you can then tap the icon that is named "Save Video".

Open the Loop Video app and you will see it listed on the left side of the app. Select it and let it play.