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How do I log in after a Catalog's name has changed?

Your administrator may change the name of your Catalog. If this occurs you will have to sync the new Catalog with the correct name. You will receive a message when you try to sync the Catalog that states the Catalog no longer exist. Your administrator may inform you that the Catalog name has changed and you can update the Catalog before receiving a message from the app.

1. Sync your Catalog to update the Catalog name and follow the steps below

2. "No Catalog To Display" message

You will receive this message if you try to sync a Catalog that has had a name change.

3. Tap "Ok" from the No Catalog to Display message

4. Tap on "Settings"

5. Tap "My Catalogs"

6. Tap on the name of the Catalog within the Available Catalogs section

7. Tap "Sync Now"

Your Catalog will begin to download.

Leave your device on and the FatStax app running while syncing. Plug in your device to charge to ensure that it will not go to sleep.

A strong WiFi connection is needed for a quick sync.

Once a green check mark appears within the Offline Status indicator, the app can be taken offline.