FatStax IOS Version 3.2 New Features

We are excited about the new FatStax version for iPad and iPhone. You can install the new version without deleting the old version. However, like we always recommend, re-sync your catalog once your new app is installed to take advantage of all the new features.

1. Compatible with IOS 10

All the features are compatible with IOS 10 as well as IOS 9. So if you haven't upgraded yet, no worries

2. Product Cards (now on the iPad too!)

Product Cards are an easy way to read a quick summary of the Page, view an image of the product, add an item to Favorites, and send information to a customer.

  1. If configured, displays an image and a short description of the product.
  2. Adds a Page to your Favorites to quickly find your most important information.
  3. Email the Page to a customer or add the Page to a Stack without ever viewing the Page.


Product Cards (now on the iPad too!)

3. Create Favorites - iPhone and iPad

Favorites allows you to add a Page to a top level Category to quickly locate certain Pages. Add your most popular Pages to one Category to send or display them quickly for a customer.

Tap on "Favorite" for any Page that displays a star to add that Page to the Favorites Category.

A selected star next to "Favorite" indicates that the Page has already been added to the Favorites Category.  

Favorites determined on the iPhone will not automatically be synced over to the iPad and vice versa. It is a separate category for each device.

Create Favorites - iPhone and iPad

4. Secure Resources - now with added security

Some Resources are set to "Secure" by your administrator. This prevents you from email or texting a document to a customer. That might be why you can not add these to an email or to a stack.

5. Search by Name and SKU on the iPhone

Now the iPhone (like the iPad) enables you to search by Name and SKU in addition to Full Text.

  • Scroll down to locate the search bar
  • Above the search bar is an option called "Search by" - tap on "Search by"(1)
  • Select your search criteria (2)
  1. Search by Full Text - searches through every word on a page
  2. Search by Name - only searches through the Page Names
  3. Search by SKU -  only searches through the SKUs
Search by Name and SKU on the iPhone

6. Automatic Catalog Downloading in the background on WiFi

Version 3.2 for both the iPad and iPhone is enabled to download any new catalog versions automatically in the background. When your administrator publishes an updated catalog with new information, your device will get notified and download the catalog if you are on wifi even if the iPad is not active (like at night).  This is super-handy to keep the app updated. The Resource files will update as soon as you activate the catalog as long as you are on wifi.

You will need to enable this feature

7. New Sync Notifications

We are giving you more ways to see that you have new content in addition to automatic downloads.

If there is a new version but it hasn't yet downloaded, you will see a pop-up notification giving you an option to update the catalog. You will only see this once per day so it's not annoying.

From the notification you can either:

  1. Sync the Catalog now, "Install Now"
  2. Defer the sync until later, "Later"

If you tap "Later, you will receive the same notification the next day you open the app until the new Catalog has been synced.

If you tap "Sync Now", the syncing process will begin right away. Just note that your app will not show images or access files until the download process is completed. The green check mark in the upper right corner indicates app is ready to work offline.


New Sync Notifications

8. Fixed - iPhone pages properly resizing now

Yes, iPhone pages will now resize correctly so you can view the entire SKU bar.

Fixed - iPhone pages properly resizing now