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What is the bell icon (Messages) on the iPad?

Your FatStax Administrative team can send you messages through the FatStax app using the Messages feature (bell icon).

You do not need to sync your Catalog to receive the messages. If you are connected to the internet, the messages will automatically be pushed to you.

1. Red number on the bell icon means there is a new message

If you allowed FatStax to send notifications on your device, you can see a red number on the FatStax app icon.

2. Tap on the bell icon to view the messages

3. New messages are assigned a color

The different colors indicate the different types of messages. Messages of the same color are from the same Category.

4. A carrot on the right indicates there is more to the message (1)

If a message does not have a carrot, there is no additional text to read. (2)

5. Tap on a message to view additional content

Tap onto the hyperlink to be taken to a different area of the Catalog or an external location.

7. You can save a message to quickly find it later

7.1. Tap the circle with a plus symbol

7.2. When the message is saved, the circle turns green with a check mark

7.3. Tap "Saved" to view all saved messages

7.4. Tap on a saved message to view

7.5. To un-save a message, tap on the green circle with a check mark (1)

Un-saved messages are still shown within the "All Messages" section (2)

8. Messages may expire and will automatically be removed from your device