What is the Saved Category?

Saved Stacks are Stacks that you want to keep and re-use for multiple customers. They are templates that can be cloned for you to send to different prospects/customers and then modified to meet each individual customer's needs.

A few examples of why you would want to use Saved Stacks is: new products you wish to send to your customers, items that are apart of a quarterly campaign, or items that you send frequently.

1. To create a Saved Stack, create a Working Stack with all the items needed

2. Tap on the Product Card to view the Stack Detail Page

3. Tap on the more icon in the lower left corner

4. Tap "Move to Saved Stacks"

5. Name your Stack and click "Save"

We recommend naming the Stack something obvious as to the purpose of the Stack or what is included within the Stack.

6. The Stack has been added to the Saved Category