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How do I add information to a Saved Stack?

After a Stack has been Saved, you can still modify the Stack if new content needs to be added.

1. Tap on a Stack Card within the Saved Category

2. Tap "Edit" in the upper right corner

3. Tap the plus symbol in the lower left corner

4. Tap the search scope selector to determine your method of search (1) and input your search value (2)

In the example below: the scope selector has Search By Name selected and the search term is iPad.

5. Tap on the Product Card to add the item

A green check mark in the upper right corner indicates the item has been added to the Stack.

If more than one item is on the Page (SKU and/or Resource) than you will have to select which items you would like to have added to the Stack.

To learn more about selecting which items to add to a Stack, please read "How do I select which SKU or Resource...?" help article.

6. Tap "Save" when all Pages have been added

7. Your Page/items have been added to the Stack

8. Once all modifications have been made to the Stack, tap "Done"