How do I view a Page from a Stack?

Stacks can be used for more than just sending an email to your customer. You can use a Stack as a quick and easy way to have all the information you would like to show to your customer during a meeting in one location. You can then quickly display a Product Page/Resource and switch to the next item.

1. Tap on the Stack Card to view the Stack Detail Page

2. To view a Page - tap on the Page name

The Page name is directly below the item number on the right side.

3. The Product Page will open

You can view all of the Resources that are associated to the Page by tapping on the Resource on the bottom. (1) If you would like to add any more SKUs or Resources to your Active Stack, you can tap the Add to Stack icon and select which items to add. (2)

4. Tap "Done" in the upper left corner to go back to your Stack

5. Tap onto your next Page to view

6. If you would like to pull up only a Resource, tap on the Resource name

7. Tap one time to view the Menu bar to search or navigate - tap "Done" to go back to your Stack Detail Page