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What you need to know to move to Stacks 2.0.

Stacks has been revamped to create a better experience for you! Stacks are synced across your iPad, Web, and iPhone. Yes, Stacks is available on your iPhone now too!

Check out the iPad Stacks FAQ for other common questions.

1. Do I have to sync my Catalog to see the new Stacks on my iPad?

When you download a new version of the app, we always recommend downloading a new version of the Catalog as a good practice. For you to see the new Stacks, you do not have to do anything special. The feature is installed when you update your app. We automatically convert your existing Stacks and Bundles to the new Categories for you to use them. All this happens in the background within a couple of minutes after you download the new version.

2. Do I have to delete my existing FatStax app and reinstall?

No, you do not need to delete your existing app. All you have to do is update your existing app and the new Stack feature will be installed.

For this new version, we changed from a blue to a white background.

3. Are my Stacks synced across my devices?

Yes, your Stacks are synced across the Web version and iOS devices. Any device that you are logged in with the same username will see the same Stacks. If you create a Stack on the web, it will be added to your iPad/iPhone as soon as your device is connected to WiFi or data. Stacks are not available on the Android app.

4. Do I have to be connected to WiFi or cellular to use the new Stacks feature?

You do not need to be connected to WiFi or cellular to use the new Stacks feature, but you will have to connect to the internet if you would like for your Stacks to be synced across devices. You only need to connect and open the app for a few seconds for the Stacks to be synced to your other devices.

5. Are my existing Stacks/Bundles switched over to the newer version?

Yes, Active Stacks on the Web version and the iPad are now shown within the Working Category. Your previously sent Stacks are shown within the Sent Category and your Bundles are shown within the Saved Category.

6. What are the different Categories within the Stacks feature?

The Stack section is broken down into 4 Categories: Working, Saved, Shared w/Me, and Sent.

Working- Stacks that have not been sent. Think of them as "In Progress" while you are building them.

Saved- Stacks stored so they can be easily sent without having to recreate them.

Shared w/Me- Stacks your administrative team have created for you to send to your customers/prospects.

Sent- Stacks that you have already emailed to one or more contacts.

For more information, check out the "What is a Stack?" help article.

7. How has the default Stack name change and how do I modify the Stack name?

The default Stack name is no longer a time and date stamp. The default Stack name is Stack with a number. (Example: Stack 183)

You can modify the name of a Stack now by tapping on the Stack card and tapping "Edit" in the upper right corner. Tap within the name field, delete out the default name, and enter in the new name.

8. Can I add notes to my Stack?

The notes field is no longer available in this version.

9. Can I add more than one contact to a Stack email?

After you select the envelope to send the Stack, you are directed to the Contact Screen that allows you to add as many contacts as you want. Tap "Add Contact" to add a contact. If you need to add more contacts, just tap "Add Contact" until all contacts have been added. Then tap "Next" to view the email draft.

For more information, please read "How do I add multiple contacts to my Stack?" help article.